What new laptop?

It will soon be time to replace my current laptop, a three year old Thinkpad X230; it probably is my fifth X-series over the years. They deservedly had a good reputation for build quality, and to run Linux.

My old Thinkpad X230

However, I find it unlikey that my next machine will be another Thinkpad. Partly because of Lenovo's Superfish and BIOS Crapware debacles, partly because their latest machines are just not as good anymore. (For example I don't quite like the new-style keyboard of the X230 and onward, plus it broke down twice and needed the mainboard replaced).

Criteria for a new laptop would be the following:

  • fan-less
  • non-glossy screen, ~ 12-13"
  • digital video-out
  • good keyboard, Swedish
  • 16GB RAM
  • decent size SSD
  • track-point
  • runs Linux without too much hassle.

Things like CPU-power, battery-life, weight and screen resolution are less important. Nevertheless, I am not aware of a machine that fulfills the above. The Dell XPS 13 seems to come close, but it still has a fan and no track-point. A Macbook Air is out of the question.

If you have a suggestion, let me know!